About LYNX



Welcome to Big Time Carts, where we take pride in offering LION golf carts, the pinnacle of lithium-ion battery-powered electric vehicles. Our LION golf carts feature robust 4KW and in some models 5KW motors and 400 amp NAVITIS controller, setting them apart from most electric golf carts that come with DC (direct current) motors. What makes LION truly remarkable is its innovative Brushless AC motor design.

This cutting-edge technology provides an impressive 30% increase in efficiency, twice the horsepower, and a significant boost in both speed and range compared to traditional golf carts. Experience the next level of performance with LION golf carts from Big Time Carts.

Lion EV Golf carts are not modified or restored golf carts that spent several years on golf courses getting used and abused daily. Restored golf carts generally get cleaned up, a new plastic body kit, new batteries, and tires. But beneath all of those cosmetic parts remains older technology and aging important parts. LION carts are brand new, with a two-year warranty on most major components and a five-year warranty on lithium-ion batteries. Specific LION cart models are designed for both on and off-road use. LION EVs are constructed with lightweight aluminum frames that are corrosion-resistant

LION EV was born in Dunedin, Florida, in 2019. We saw a market need to have a beautiful and fun electric vehicle that uses the latest technologies to create an easy and affordable ownership experience. After scouting the world for the best suppliers for batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, suspension, chassis, LCD dash displays, and LED lighting, it was time to bring it all together. After building and testing a dozen iterations, the LION EV was born. You can rest easy knowing your cart is backed by our five-year battery/charger warranty, and our standard 2 year warranty on all non-wear items within each Lion Golf Cart!

Our Line-Up of LION Golf Carts

2023 Lion 6 Seater Golf Cart

2024 Lion 4 Seater Golf Cart

2023 Lion X4 Seater Golf Cart