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LiON Carts
The EV With The Heart Of a Lion!

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Electric Vehicles

LiON EVs Come With Powerful 4KW Motors / and 400 Amp Curtis Controller

Most electric golf carts come with DC (direct current) motors. The LiON Brushless AC motor (alternating current) design is approximately 30% more efficient, twice the horsepower, and increased speed and range compared to traditional golf carts.

RoyPower Lithium-Ion Batteries are Cleaner, More Efficient, and Completely Maintenance Free.

All RoyPower batteries come with a 5-year manufacture warranty and 10-year life expectancy. you also get the convenience, reliability, and consistent power of Lithium-Ion.

Advantages of The LiON Lithium Battery System

  • Very little discharge while sitting idle
  • Minimal battery performance loss over the life of the battery
  • Expect to get 40 +/- mile range per charge (RoyPower says up to 60 miles)
  • Lithium batteries maintain full output power until depleted
  • No requirement of adding water, no corrosion, and no messy leaks
  • No need to carry a separate charger. Your LiON has its own smart onboard charger providing
  • convenient and faster recharging.
  • You can quickly pick up an additional 25% range during a lunch or dinner stop
  • 5-year warranty
  • 10-year expected battery life
  • Mileage range of up to 40 miles, depending on model and driving habits
  • • Fully charged in less than 3 hours, as compared to 8 hours with traditional batteries
  • 3,500+ charging cycles

Characteristics of Lead Acid Batteries

  • Lead-Acid batteries have to thermally warm-up, for about 45 minutes, before they can actually begin to charge.
  • Plugging a typical Lead-Acid battery in for one hour, you will effectively get about 15 minutes of charge time or just a few percent
  • Lead-Acid batteries are heavy and have a combined weight of 400 to 500 pounds per set
  • Lead-acid batteries take consistent maintenance
  • They can not be “shut-off” during times of extended storage
  • Failure to properly maintain a lead-acid battery will result in a significantly reduced life expectancy.

LION Cart Can Be Made Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) Compliant

  • Title it and register it at the DMV if you want, but it’s not a requirement in certain areas
  • Choose between 14-inch / all-terrain tires or street tires (12-inch street tires on non-lifted carts
  • Drives smoothly at 25+ MPH
  • LED Turn Signals
  • Hazard Lights
  • Horn
  • LED Headlight Lights
  • LED Daytime Running Lights
  • Windshield Wiper (optional)
  • Retractable Seatbelts

Brand New Lightweight, Strong, and Rust / Corrosion Resistant Frame

  • Restored six-passenger golf carts are converted by cutting the chassis in half and welding the chassis back together with an extension.
  • The parts used in the construction of a LION EV are explicitly designed for this vehicle
  • These carts are NOT modified or restored golf carts that spent several years on golf courses getting used and abused daily
  • Restored golf carts generally get cleaned up, a new plastic body kit, new batteries, and tires. But beneath all of those cosmetic parts remains older technology and aging important parts
  • LION Carts are Brand New with a two-year warranty on most major components and a five-year warranty on the Lithium-ion battery.
  • Specific LION Cart models are designed for both on and off-road use. LION EVs are constructed with lightweight aluminum frames that are corrosion-resistant

Adjustable Lifted Suspension – Chose your ride

  • State of the art front independent suspension design
  • Customize the ride height, both front, and rear, with no additional parts.

Digital LED Display and Instrument Cluster

  • The LION EV has a simple to read layout with all your cart’s information combined into one digital cluster. The LED cluster displays a digital speedometer, odometer, trip meter, blinker, and hazard lights.

Hydraulic Disk Brakes & Electromagnetic Motor Brake

  • State of the art hydraulic disk brakes and regenerative electromagnetic braking give increased stopping over traditional golf carts for increased safety and longevity.
  • Golf carts are designed for speeds of about 10 MPH on the golf course
  • Because golf carts are designed to carry light loads at relatively low-speeds, they are commonly designed with two-wheel mechanical drum brakes
  • LION EVs are designed from the ground up to work both on and off-road
  • LION EVs come with an adjustable lifted independent front and rear suspension
  • Golf carts come with 8-inch steel wheels, while the LiON EVs come with 14-inch sport rims and all-terrain or sport tires.

Comfortable Folding Rear-Facing Seat and an Extended Roof Providing Sade For Front and Rear Passengers

  • All vehicles come with a rear-facing passenger seat that can be folded flat for transporting everything from golf clubs, groceries, or a place for the family pet to sit.
  • Premium quality, three-tone bolstered seats
  • Daytime running LED lights, LED headlights, and sport-inspired LED blinkers
  • Custom sport steering wheel
  • USB and Cigarette Lighter Outlets

About LiON EV and Our commitment to Quality Backed by our 5 Year Battery / Charger & 24 Months Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

LiON EV was born in Dunedin, Florida, in 2019. LiON saw a market need to have a beautiful and fun electric vehicle that uses the latest technologies to create an easy and affordable ownership experience. After scouting the world for the best supliers for batteries, motors, controllers, chargers, suspension, chassis, LCD dash displays, and LED lighting, it was time to bring it all together… After building and testing a dozen of iterations, the LiON EV was born.

Q: So, what should you look for when buying a new cart?

Battery: LiON Carts are assembled in Palm Harbor, FL, and is a family-owned and operated business. We started in California at RoyPower USA, which is the leading producer of Lithium-Ion golf cart batteries. With their ultra-lightweight and compact design, say goodby to the 6 or 8 Led-Acid batteries and the extra 400 to 500 lb they weigh. LiON comes equipped standard with a RoyPower 105Ah battery (yes, battery) and its factory-matched ultra-fast charger.

Charger: When paired with one of their smart onboard Smart Charger, you instantly have a cart with a lot of built-in value that will cost you thousands more to upgrade an old cart, or typically pay $16,000 for all new carts with similar features. Older carts have external chargers that are heavy, bulky, and require you to carry them or store them separately from your cart. Older chargers typically range from 8 to 15 Amps. The LiON’s 22 Amp Smart onboard charger makes charging fast and efficient.

Controller: There is one leading manufacturer of motor controllers whos is trusted by EzGo, Yamaha, ClubCar, EzGo, and that is the Curtis Controller. While we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, we too decided that an AC Curtis Controllers would be the best fit for our easy to use/

Frame: Aluminum frames, compared to metal components, hold up much better in the tropical Florida climate.

Brakes: two-wheel or drum brakes are fine for golf courses and low speeds. However, at speeds of around 25mph on public streets, having 4-wheel disk brakes and the stopping power is essential.