LION 6S & 4S

The Lion Golf Cart presents two exceptional options for recreational adventures—the Lion 4-seat and Lion 6-seat models. These remarkable vehicles combine comfort, versatility, and performance to provide an unforgettable experience. The Lion 4-seat golf cart offers a spacious and comfortable seating arrangement for a small group, perfect for exploring scenic destinations or cruising through town. On the other hand, the Lion 6-seat golf cart offers even more seating capacity, accommodating a larger group or family, making it ideal for exciting group outings or family adventures. Both models feature state-of-the-art electric motors that deliver impressive power and efficiency, built on a strong aluminum frame, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. With luxurious amenities and thoughtful design, the Lion Golf Carts provide the ultimate combination of style and functionality, allowing riders to embark on thrilling adventures with their loved ones.

Standard Lion EV Features

What makes LION truly remarkable is its innovative Brushless AC motor design. This cutting-edge technology provides an impressive 30% increase in efficiency, twice the horsepower, and a significant boost in both speed and range compared to traditional golf carts.

Lithium-ion battery system

The LION EV has a simple-to-read layout with all your cart's information combined into one digital cluster. The LED cluster displays a digital speedometer, odometer, trip meter, blinker, and hazard lights

LION Carts Can Be Made Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) Compliant

LED turn signals

LED headlight lights

LED daytime running lights


Windshield wiper (optional)

Retractable seatbelts

Hazard lights

State-of-the-art front independent suspension design

Customize the ride height, both front, and rear, with no additional parts

All vehicles come with a rear-facing passenger seat that can be folded flat for transporting everything from golf clubs to groceries or a place for the family pet to sit

Premium quality, three-tone bolstered seats

USB and cigarette lighter outlets

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